SAILING: Rob Lennox was in good form in Barnt Green Sailing Club’s races on Sunday.

He won both Laser events with Russell Lewis second and Richard Chisnall third.

Stuart Howe and Lynette Vaughan won the first Enterprise race with Gordon and Rose Padmore in second but their positions were reversed in race two.

Bob Suggitt took first place with Brian Allen runner-up and Keith Hayes third in both solo class races.

Andy Jackson won the first Mirror class race with Ashley Ford second but in race two, Ford then fought back to win from Jackson.

In the first Merlin Rocket race, Keith Rohnson won from Eddie Lyson, who bounced back to win the next round.

Results — Senior Dinghy class: 1 Bob Suggitt (Solo); 2 Kelsey, Mandy Suggitt (Lark); 3 Philip Everard (Solo).

Sailboard: 1 Lewis Barnes; 2 Chris Pack; 3 Robin Brown.

Juniors: 1 Rachel Cross (Optimist).

The club are holding an open day on Saturday, May 12 (2pm).