A VILE troll sent disgusting messages to a man with MND who has raised thousands for charity.

John Adams, known as the MND Warrior, was sent a disgusting Twitter message from an anonymous account but has vowed to not let it get him down.

Instead, he is focusing on his Easter fundraiser where he hopes to put a smile on children's faces by handing out chocolate eggs in Droitwich in return for a charity donation.

The 77-year-old from Vines Lane was messaged today (Tuesday) by someone telling him his social media posts are "an embarrassment".

The message also added that keeping him alive was a waste of NHS money and to strap a bomb to his back and blow up Putin because he has got nothing to lose.


The message has upset his family but Mr Adams hit back on Twitter writing: "Thanks you have made me realise I am a good guy and not a scum bag like you!!"

Support has come flooding in for the fundraiser with people calling him a 'legend', 'inspiration' and others adding that his social media posts cheer them up.

His daughter Helen Millward said: "My dad is on a number of social media sites all the time and is always getting lovely messages from people saying how inspirational he is.

"Social media is a bit of a lifeline for him to be honest.

"He's always positive on there and it helps promote his fundraising for MND Association.

"He saw the message and did just shrug his shoulders but he is a very, very positive guy.

"He never moans about anything, he is always smiling and laughing.

"It doesn't seem to be bothering him but it probably plays on his mind.

"The good news is there are far more nicer people out there than horrible people."

Mr Adams was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease five years ago and doctors said he only had 18 months to live.

But Mrs Millward believes it is her father's positive attitude which has meant he has defied doctors' predictions.

"I think the key has been how positive he is, I do believe that is a big part of it.

"He's always smiling, always laughing.

"He laughs all the time and if he is laughing you can't help laughing too."

Mr Adams has raised over £11,000 for MNDA with inventive charity events.

At Christmas, he decorated his tree with hundreds of messages from around the world and for Valentine's Day received over 400 cards.

To donate visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/John-adams44.