Pupils from a Droitwich school appeared on television screens to give their opinions on the current conflict in Ukraine. 

Westacre Middle School pupils were selected to have their say on FYI Sky TV, a new programme led for children, by children. 

Headteacher Donna Evans said: "Welcoming the FYI crew to Westacre was a fantastic opportunity for us as a school.

"We talk to the children lots about what's going on in the world to help prepare them for playing their part in society and were really excited when we heard Sky News wanted to hear what some of our children have to say about some of the things in the news.

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Westacre Middle School pupils appear on FYI Sky TVWestacre Middle School pupils appear on FYI Sky TV

"The fact that the host, Braydon, is a similar age to our pupils at Westacre is incredibly inspirational for our children as they begin to consider their own future career paths.

"Well done to the children involved in the recording - we are incredibly proud of them for the mature and thoughtful responses they gave."

The pupils enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from the experience. 

Ava Grant, year 5, said: "I felt very proud for my achievement in the day, and surprised I had the confidence to do something that big.

"I realised how close in age Braydon was to us and it inspired me to think I could do something like that in the future."

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Lilly Rowe, Westacre Middle School pupil, appears on Sky TVLilly Rowe, Westacre Middle School pupil, appears on Sky TV

Lilly Rowe, year 5, said: "It was an amazing experience and not many people get to it – I feel quite lucky. 

"The host Braydon is an inspirational person who inspired us all to achieve our dreams! My mum told all of my family and friends I was going to be on TV."

Sebastian Payne, year 6, said: "It was very embarrassing letting my whole family watch it on Sky but I realised what I had achieved when we watched it."

Bromsgrove Advertiser: Sebastian Payne, Westacre Middle School pupil, appears on Sky TVSebastian Payne, Westacre Middle School pupil, appears on Sky TV

Kamilia Chok, year 7, said: "I was really nervous in front of the cameras but thoroughly enjoyed the day.

"I enjoyed answering all the different questions and even getting to ask some of my own. "

Balint Karizs, year 7, said: "It was an amazing experience to sit next to a TV presenter similar age to me and learn how they make these shows.

"My whole family, some neighbours and friends came round to watch it at the weekend."