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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

£86,990 - £101,990

Tesla's Model S is the brand's original EV, an electric large luxury fastback with around 400 miles of range. In this improved form, it's now sleeker and more sophisticated and has almost supercar-style acceleration. In its current form, the car has been updated with a completely new interior and there's now a choice of either 'Dual Motor' or 'Plaid' AWD variants with 100kWh battery outputs. Here's what the future looks like - and it might just be cause for celebration.

Handling 8/10
Comfort 8/10
Economy 10/10
Value 7/10
Build 8/10
Equipment 7/10
Performance 8/10
Depreciation 8/10
Insurance 7/10
Space 7/10
Styling 5/10
Overall 75%
7.5 /10

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