COMIC Geoff Norcott will be on tour next year and is coming to Bromsgrove.

According to one critic, Geoff "sets himself apart from the liberal commentariat with a sharp, self-knowing wit".

A spokesman said: "Geoff Norcott’s acclaimed Taking Liberties tour has been doubled in size, with 25 new dates added in 2020.

"Yes, things are apparently getting bigger, - extending even, and that doesn't bother Geoff one bit. For once."

Beyond left/right party politics and Brexit, Geoff Norcott has realised the main thing that motivates his political persuasion is that he hates being told what to do.

Whether it's Eurocrats, ministers, cultural icons or his wife of 15 years, Geoff just can't stand anyone having power over him.

The spokesman added: "It's a bad time to feel this way. With rising ‘Nanny State’ legislation coming from a supposedly right-wing government and ever greater controls on food, lifestyle and language choices, 'Taking Liberties' is both a statement on what Geoff fears is happening and his intent to playfully push the envelope."

Other than Live At The Apollo, The Mash Report and Mock the Week, Geoff’s also appeared frequently on Question Time and can be regularly seen putting the cat amongst the pigeons on UK political debate shows, including All Out Politics, This Week, Daily Politics and Politics Live.

He will be coming to the Artrix on Wednesday, March 4.

For tickets and more information, call 01527 577330.