IF you remember patchouli oil, cheesecloth, tie-dye T-shirts and desert boots, the chances are you must be the proud owner of at least one Led Zeppelin album.

This month, a tribute band to the legendary rockers will be in Bromsgrove to play some of the group’s biggest hits.

This year marks Fred Zeppelin’s 16th year together, and during this time they have had the honour of Led Zeppelin’s frontman Robert Plant attending three of their gigs and John Bonham’s son Jason even jammed with them on stage.

According to one of music magazine Kerrang’s readers polls, Fred Zeppelin are among the top 10 best live bands to see, quite an achievement as they were the only tribute band listed in any category.

With plenty of booze and imagination, let The Freds take you back in time to those heady days of flower power, Kevin Keegan perms and flared jeans so wide it took two paces before they moved and shirt collars long enough to tuck into your underpants.

The band play on Friday, May 24 at The Bromsgrove Members Club, Worcester Road and advance tickets, costing £8, are available on 01527 878036.

Doors open 8.30pm and for more information, visit www.thefredz.com.