Tom Holland has praised Chris Pratt for guiding him through his turbulent early days of fame.

The Spider-Man actor, originally from Kingston upon Thames in London, stars alongside the Hollywood star, 40, in the animated Pixar film Onward, about two elf brothers who attempt to resurrect their late father for 24 hours.

Holland, 23, said his life was “flipped upside down” when he shot to fame aged 19 after starring as the web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War.

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Chris Pratt took Tom Holland under his wing (Ian West/PA)

Speaking at the Onward premiere in London, he told the PA news agency Pratt was like a “big brother” to him.

He said: “I’m very lucky to have Chris in my life. My life was flipped upside down at the age of 19.

“I was thrust into this world and Chris Pratt was there to help me out, guide me through the process of becoming famous and becoming this childhood superhero type thing.

“I’m really glad to say that he is like a big brother to me in real life.”

Onward also features the first openly gay character in an animated Pixar film.

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Lena Waithe plays an LGBT cyclops police officer (Ian West/PA)

Lena Waithe lends her voice to an LGBT cyclops police officer named Officer Specter.

Holland said: “It’s obvious why it is important – it’s always about inclusion and being more diverse and relating to more and more people.

“I hope people will be able to see this film and feel represented and feel a certain connection to these characters.

“Chris and I both poured a lot of truth into playing these roles. They are very honest versions of who we are.

“I hope that people can really feel connected to all these different characters throughout this film.”

The actor has spoken about how voicing a Pixar character was one of his professional dreams.

Holland told PA that Pixar films “just tick all the boxes for me”.

He added: “I love a film that can make me laugh and that can make me cry, and Pixar seems to always do that.

“This film doesn’t disappoint. It really lives up to that expectation.

“There is a certain level of pressure for Dan (Scanlon) and Kori (Rae), our producers, because Pixar has never missed.

“This is a totally original film. I’m really proud to say that they totally pulled it off.”

Onward is in cinemas from March 6.