STAGE REVIEW: The Simon and Garfunkel Story - at the Forum Theatre, Malvern, on Friday, November 16, 2018.

THE crunch when it comes to tribute acts and shows is always - ‘do they look and sound like the original?’ - and here is a more than passable reproduction of the legendary duo.

When a solo artist, a duo or group is hugely popular, in that exalted area of iconic, it’s extremely difficult for anyone to match the original, but this is a more than passable effort - especially as several hugely talented musicians are involved.

The show celebrates the 50th anniversary from the time S & G recorded their first no 1 hit single, The Sound of Silence.

The audience is taken on a brief history tour on the rise of old school friends, from the days they performed as Tom and Jerry, through their massive hits, the subsequent break-up and then their 1981 reunion concert.

There are pictures and film of the era but sadly many of these, and some of the photos, are indecipherable on a huge back screen due to poor lighting and the quality of the projection.

But nothing could take away the quality of the music and the sound. The blend and the harmonies were impeccable and there were moments when it could quite easily have been the duo themselves, especially with The Sound of Silence, Cecilia and Bridge Over Troubled Waters so faithfully and delightfully reproduced.

Memories stirred of a different time. Immensely enjoyable and all on stage thoroughly deserved their standing ovation - especially Sam O’Hanlon (Paul Simon) and Charles Blyth (Art Garfunkel)