A SENIOR assistant chef who made health and safety allegations about certain procedures against a Bromsgrove catering firm has lost her compensation claim for unfair dismissal.

Stephanie Morrison of Woodlands Road, Cookley, made her claim against Class Catering Services Ltd, of Weston Hall Road, Stoke Prior, at Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

Miss Morrison was employed by the firm to work at their kitchens based at Haybridge High School, in Hagley. The company provides catering services to a number of organisations, including educational establishments.

Miss Morrison alleged she was dismissed after making health and safety disclosures about the way food was used.

A previous tribunal hearing was adjourned after tribunal judge Mrs Victoria Dean decided to make a decision at a later date. Now Mrs Dean has rejected the claim after describing the case as “long and meandering in terms of the evidence and its presentation.”

The judge described Miss Morrison as “a thorn in the respondent’s side” in the kitchen’s operation.

“It is clear that as well as raising a limited number of concerns in the form of a qualifying and protected disclosure in relation to meat and reheating of rice, the claimant persistently sought to challenge authority and her behaviour was disruptive and unwelcome within the kitchen unit,” said Mrs Dean.

One of Miss Morrison’s allegations was that rice cooked the week before was reheated and used six days later.

Mrs Dean said that the respondent had confirmed the rice was being used cold on the salad bar.

However, the judge said Miss Morrison had not been dismissed because of her disclosures.

“Whilst we have every sympathy with the claimant we are mindful also that her recollection of events in 2010 seems to have gained a growing detail with the passage of time,” Mrs Dean said.

The judge complained the tribunal had difficulties adjudicating the evidence because the respondents failed fully to minute Miss Morrison’s disciplinary hearing, and suggested the firm "may do well" to review their procedures for recording appraisal meetings and the conduct of disciplinary hearings.