TWO Bromsgrove residents had a lucky escape after being involved in a horrific train crash in north Yorkshire.

George Taylor and his daughter Grace Taylor were returning from visiting friends in Scotland when their train collided with an express resulting in the loss of 14 lives and injuries tomanyother persons.

One of the trains caught fire and several passengers were roasted to death, but the two escaped with only minor injuries.

à AT Bromsgrove Petty Sessions, Harold Fox was charged with driving his motorcycle through Lydiate Ash with the rear identification plate covered.

He had a girl in the side caranda ladyonthe back of the cycle and her mackintosh had covered the plate. He said he had been driving for 10 years with a clean record and the event was an accident. The chairman said there was always a risk of obscuring the number plates when ladies were on the back of bicycles.

The safest course to take was to leave the ladies at home – laughter.