A FORMER stewardess at Bartley Green Football Club has made a legal claim against the club for unfair dismissal.

The club was warned at Birmingham Employment Tribunal that there could be penalties against them whether or not they win their case against Mrs Julie.

Mrs Isham had been a stewardess at the club in Illey Lane, Halesowen for eight years but complained she was unfairly dismissed following a dispute over changes in her contract.

The club opposed the unfair dismissal claim after Mr Martin Thomas, representing Mrs Isham, accused the club of previously failing to adequately respond to the legal process.

Tribunal judge Miss Helen Harding adjourned the case to a later date so that witnesses could give evidence.

But Mr Thomas warned that he might be seeking penalty costs against the club, whether or not the respondents won or lost the case at the next hearing.

Mr Thomas said the club’s attitude over its alleged response had caused inconvenience and extra legal costs which he was considering reclaiming.

Miss Harding told the respondents that the claimant was legally entitled to make a costs claim even though she had had yet to make a decision over whether Mrs Isham had been unfairly dismissed.

She said she would also have to make a decision over whether the costs should be awarded.

A tribunal spokesman said later that costs were sometimes sought against both the respondent and the claimant, but were usually rarely awarded and only in certain circumstances.