A RUMOUR that sparked interest among Bromsgrove residents and dedicated One Direction fans has been answered by the star's father.

In December, the Bromsgrove Advertiser reported on speculation that Harry Styles, from the internationally successful group, was born in the town.

The rumour had been started by several references to the singer's birth being registered at Bromsgrove Registry Office, in February 1994, which had been listed on several websites and discussed on social networks.

Attempts to clarify the matter, including contacting Harry directly and through his agents, all proved unsuccessful.

But after reading the Advertiser's story Harry's dad, Des, took to Twitter to clarify his son was in fact born at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

On the social network he wrote: "Funny stuff.. Bromsgrove Advertiser says H (Harry) might be born there?

"He was born in Redditch, we were there just in time!"

Des also moved to clarify why other websites, including Wikipedia, stated the 19-year-old's birthplace as Evesham - pointing out this was where he and Harry's mum, Anne Cox, lived at the time of his birth.

Harry's birthplace was further confused as being Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire - because this was where the Styles family later moved to.