ONCE they were regulars on our television screens and they even had a hit record, but apart from occasional flashback reminders and specials little has really been seen of them for some time.

However, they're back, or at least two of them will be on stage and the other will star' in a slightly different way.

They'll be in a new stage show - The Goodies Still Rule OK! - which will be at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham this Friday (7.30pm).

Starring Tim Brooke Taylor and Graeme Garden the show is a celebration of one of the most popular TV comedy series of the 1970's. It received rave reviews at The Edinburgh Festival last summer and sold out two tours in Australia.

Due to filming commitments the third member of the trio, Bill Oddie, will beam his performance to the Alex via the wonders of digital technology.

For younger theatre-goers they'll be delighted to know Scooby Doo is coming to Birmingham's Hippodrome from Wednesday, April 18 to Sunday, April 22.

The Mystery Inc gang have taken to the road in their trusty Mystery Machine and are bringing the live experience of this cartoon classic to the stage in Scooby Doo! in Stagefright.