BROMSGROVE MP Sajid Javid has been under scrutiny from his constituents this week after it was revealed that he and the other five Worcestershire MPs voted to slash disability benefits by £30 a week.

The controversial move to cut Employment and Support Allowance from £103 per week to £73 was approved after House of Lords peers failed to block it, resulting in a flood of angry messages on social media from Bromsgrove residents.

Paul Tulk, writing as @btp67 on Twitter, said: “So @SajidJavid proves yet again he’s nothing more than a Party yes man. Voting in favour of cutting £30 from ESA. Pity.”

Steven Hansey, whose Twitter username is @SteveHansey, tweeted to Mr Javid: “I’m 37 and retired cos of ill health. Sickness pension has been taken away by ESA, now tax my DLA? What will I live on?”

Mandy Mason wrote to Mr Javid on Twitter as @Rainbow2610, saying: “Absolutely disgusted that as a previous minister for equalities you voted FOR a £30/week cut in ESA disability benefit.”

The benefit reduction will affect new ESA claimants deemed unable to work now but who are capable of attending job interviews and training, otherwise known as the ‘Work Related Activity Group'.

Disability charities across the country have criticised the decision, claiming that it will make disabled people’s lives even more difficult.

Brian Hunt, vice-chairman of the Worcestershire Pensioners’ Action Group, said: “People do not choose to be disabled, anyone with a blue badge would give it away straightaway for better health.

"I meet lots of people with disabilities, of a working age and they would just love to be in employment, if it were possible. This is pretty inconsiderable by the Government, it smacks of discrimination."

But Worcestershire MPs insist the reduction will help get more disabled people into work and claim that extra measures will be implemented to protect people such as cancer sufferers.

Mr Javid said: “The changes will help to tailor individual support so that disability isn’t a barrier to opportunity for those in the ‘Work Related Activity Group’ receiving ESA.

“I will always stand up for our duty to protect the vulnerable. The Personal Independence Payment will continue to support those facing additional costs as a result of their condition.”

The Government has been defeated twice in the House of Lords over the £30-a-week cut, but on Wednesday, March 2 ministers claimed ‘financial privilege’ to overrule them, asserting the House of Commons’ right to have final say over budget decisions.