THERE has been disorder in the cabinet at Bromsgrove District Council over the last week, with the announcement of two Conservative Group resigning from their posts - one of which has now been withdrawn.

Council leader Margaret Sherrey broke the news that she would be standing down, but remaining as a council member, on Wednesday, June 29, following a health scare.

The representative for Belbroughton and Romsley took over from the late Roger Hollingworth as leader in May 2014.

Deputy leader Cllr Kit Taylor has taken the roll as acting council leader until another is elected at the next full council meeting on July 20.

Cllr Taylor said: “It’s a massive loss. Margaret was an incredibly hard working, highly principled leader of the council. She managed to get full engagement with Worcestershire County Council. She and I brought Bromsgrove’s transport problems to the foremost mind of the county.

“But she’s had a bit of a health scare and life is too short. The last time I spoke with her she seemed to feel she couldn’t give her full vigour while she is unwell. Even I can admit there are more important things than Bromsgrove District Council.”

Cllr Rod Laight, who represents the Lowes Hill Ward, also resigned as a cabinet member over a “small policy decision”, but withdrew his resignation on Friday, June 29.

He said: “The reason for my resignation, now withdrawn, was because a situation that I could not accept meant, with my principals and integrity at risk, I felt that I had to resign. That situation has now been resolved.”

Although Cllr Laight has withdrawn his resignation, Cllr Taylor said that he, as the "caretaker" leader, did not feel that he could accept the withdrawal, and said a "new cabinet and new leadership" would be put in place at the next full council meeting.

At the last full council meeting on June 15, Cllr Michael Thompson tabled a motion that both Cllr Sherrey and Cllr Laight resign, but the motion was defeated.

Cllr Thompson criticised Cllr Sherrey’s handling of the council house’s move to Parkside, which he claimed was unnecessarily costly to tax payers. He also raised concerns over Cllr Laight’s handling of the Dolphin Centre redevelopment, calling it a “downgrade”.

In response to Cllr Laight’s withdrawal of his resignation, Cllr Thompson said: “Obviously I’m surprised at the U-turn. I don’t know what the policy is about but, after his handling of the sports hall affair, I’m pleased to hear he has some integrity and principles.”

Cllr Laight and Cllr Taylor insist the resignations were not a response to Cllr Thompson’s requests.

A council spokesman said: "The council has not been formally involved in this matter which is an issue between members of the Conservative Group."