A BIRMINGHAM man has been jailed after driving off from a Rednal petrol station without paying and attempting to burgle a Belbroughton bungalow.

Mark Robinson, 45, of Livingstone Road in Handsworth, carried out a series of raids in north Worcestershire using stolen car registration plates, Worcester Crown Court heard.

Alison Lewis-Jones, prosecuting, told how Robinson filled up a car with false plates at a petrol station in Rednal, before driving away.

He also made unsuccessful attempts to burgle bungalows in Hanbury and Hackman's Gate in Belbroughton, but fled when he was spotted, the court was told.

On the second occasion, Robinson's escape was apparently blocked by a Post Office van so he shunted it out of the way.

Robinson, who is said to have 36 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to theft, dangerous driving, making off without paying, attempted burglary and driving without insurance.

He was jailed for three years and disqualified from driving for three years, plus an extra 19 and a half months once his jail sentence is completed.

His council Lewis Perry said he was suffering from drug addiction but now felt remorse after being out of trouble for 18 months.