A WOMAN from Sidemoor, who took on the challenge of eating her own height in Subway sandwiches, says she was still hungry afterwards.

Emma Dalton, 27, of Bromsgrove, smashed her target of eating five and a half foot-long sandwiches at the Sherwood Road branch, and managed to take down eight feet of subs in 36 minutes.

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

Emma, who is a size eight, strives to tackle a different eating challenge every week, and said her latest eight-foot meal was "quite easy" to complete.

She said: "It wasn't the easiest eating challenge I've done but it wasn't hard. All the ingredients were fresh and all the sandwiches were different - I just told them to chuck something different in each one - otherwise I would have got a bit bored."

Since starting competitive eating three years ago, Emma has faced every food challenge she has come across in Bromsgrove, and is now inviting local eateries to come up with their own mighty meals for her to try.

Emma said: "I always do my challenges at nice business that I would like to promote - businesses with good owners. I did the Hog Dog at Partridges near the Princess of Wales Hospital and I've done the one at Big Dave's, but I've done all of them now."

Despite her hobby, Emma says that she is healthy, and that her competitive eating is "just a bit of fun".

She said: "I look after myself for the rest of the week. I eat plenty of fruit and veg. Most people are gluttonous at the weekends - they have wine and a takeaway - well, I do an eating challenge. These are just my cheat days."