A FAIRFIELD granddad is aiming to hit the target with the launch of a ‘walking hockey’ club.

Alan Gormley, 61, who played hockey for 25 years and is now Head Development Coach at Bromsgrove Hockey Club, was inspired to launch the club as a spin-off to ‘walking football’.

He sees it as an ideal pastime for people over the age of 40 who want to get back into sport, and has called on residents to come and "have a go" at the slower-paced game.

He said: "I ran a ‘Back To Hockey’ programme in September which attracted 50 people.

"One lady who is in her 50s said she found it a little bit too much and asked me if I'd investigate getting a ‘walking hockey’ programme together.

"After researching and talking to a friend who plays ‘walking football’ I decided to go for it.

"There is nothing national which does this – it is a niche sport. We have got 14 people signed up so far and five who have never played hockey before so it is a new experience.

"We have had a couple of moms who have decided to have a go as well and one who has breast cancer and is in recovery.

"I had to give up playing hockey because of my knees but I am always on the sidelines as a coach wanting to have a go so it is ideal for me too.

"I'd like to encourage everyone to play, whistle and be team managers."

The sport will be based on ‘Rush and Quicksticks’ hockey, consisting of teams of five on a small pitch and five-a-side football goals to provide a greater chance of scoring.

The mixed-sex game will also have no goalkeepers and players can score from anywhere.

Mr Gormley will run six sessions as a trial with the hope of running the club permanently.

The first session will run for free on Monday, January 9, from 7-8pm at Bromsgrove Hockey Club, with each subsequent week costing £2. For information call Alan on 07731369942.