FROM a teacher, a cleaner, to a dinner lady and a rock 'n' roll guitarist, Barnt Green man Cas Amato has just about done it all – and now he’s even released his autobiography.

After reading countless celebrity autobiographies, the father-of-two decided it was high time he penned his own life story to tell the “amusing and quirky” tale of his adventures.

His book ‘Rags to Rags’, released by Austin Macauley, details life growing up in an Italian family, taking odd jobs as a student, and travelling the world as an Export Manager.

The 56-year-old said: “People climb mountains and they swim the channel and when you ask them why they do it they just say ‘because it was there’.

“I thought the same thing about writing this.

“I’m not a celebrity and I am not rich and famous, but it is just something I wanted to do.

“I am just an ordinary bloke living an ordinary life with my wife and two kids in Barnt Green.

“I took some odd jobs as a student including working as a dinner lady and I have travelled the world and done some interesting things in my job as an Export Manager.

“So I just sat down and started writing it in about two or three months.

“I have had good feedback from family and friends who have read it so far.

“My mother-in-law is 92 and she loves it! My wife, ironically, is a librarian and is surrounded by books all day but she has not read it yet.

“I’ve written it in an amusing and quirky way so hopefully it’s just a bit different.”

The book is available online from Amazon, Waterstones and Austin Macauley, costing £12.99 in paperback and £3.60 as a Kindle version.