THE four parliamentary candidates for Bromsgrove have faced off over the controversial fox hunting debate, after a poll on the Advertiser website suggested that the vast majority want it legalised.

Theresa May is set to offer MPs a free vote on whether to bring back fox hunting, saying she has always been in favour of the blood-sport.

The announcement has caused outrage amongst animal-lovers nationwide, but of the 587 distinct voters on the Bromsgrove Advertiser website, a whopping 87 per cent said they were pro-hunt.

An inferior 12 per cent said they were against the legalisation and one per cent were unsure.

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

Labour candidate and animal rights campaigner Michael Thompson jumped to defend the creatures, calling the Tories 'out of touch' for prioritising the issue.

He said: "Voters in Bromsgrove want their elected politicians to concentrate on important issues like healthcare, public safety and jobs – not on bringing back cruel blood-sports."

Conservative candidate Sajid Javid hasn't confirmed where he stands on the debate, but rebuffed Cllr Thompson's accusations.

"Not a single person in Bromsgrove has raised fox hunting with me," said Mr Javid. "The fact it's the number one issue for my Labour opponent shows just how out-of-touch he is.

"I'm focused on the core issues of economic security, Brexit and world-class public services for Bromsgrove and the British public - not this."

Esposito Giovanni (Spoz), who is bidding for the MP's seat on behalf of the Green Party, said the poll showed the 'level of narrow minded buffoonery' across the district.

"Fox hunting has no place in a civilised and caring society, just like Tories have no place in a civilised and caring society," he said.

Liberal candidate Neil Lewis agreed, arguing the debate demonstrated 'the real choice that compassionate Conservatives now face'.

Mr Lewis said: "The Tory regressive alliance is showing its teeth with this backward looking measure. Instead we should be moving forward and changing Britain's future for the better for all - foxes and wild animals included."

The Labour Party has launched a national petition against the re-legalisation. To find out more, visit