UNDERGROUND wiring problems in Bromsgrove town centre led to Primrose Hospice's Lights of Love tree being cordoned off.

Workmen were seen this morning drilling the ground around the tree, which was lit up in Market Street to pay tribute to resident's lost loved ones, with visitors being denied access.

The tree has become part of the town's Christmas tradition, offering families and friends the chance to dedicate a light and have their loved one's name placed in the accompanying remembrance book.

One Sidemoor resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Advertiser: "Since it was put up I have felt really Christmassy walking past the tree but this has really upset me.

"The drilling noise was horrendous and there is filthy water running down into the road.

"There was an elderly lady looking at the names and she was told to move away. I asked her after and she said she was looking for her late husband's name and she was so upset."

Bromsgrove District Council, which organised the works, has since apologised over the issue.

A spokesman said: "We understand how upsetting this must be and would first of all like to apologise.

“However we believe the reoccurring problems with an underground wire have been resolved and we will be double checking this later on today to ensure the Lights of Love continue to shine.”

Kate Kelly, corporate fundraising manager for Primrose, said: "We’re saddened to hear that visitors haven’t had access to our Lights of Love tree, due to an unforeseen issue underground.

"Hopefully the problem will be resolved very soon so that residents can once again view their personal dedications to their loved ones.”

To find out more about the Lights of Love campaign visit primrosehospice.org.