BARNT Green author and naval historian Steve Dunn turns the spotlight on the unsung heroes of the First World War in his latest book, Bayly's War.

Steve, who lives in Fiery Hill Drive, has already written five books about the Royal Navy in World War One, but chose to focus his 6th on the personal stories of little-known sailors.

"Clearly a great deal has been written about the First World War but I wanted to do something different and include stories about the bravery of ordinary men who risked so much, many making the ultimate sacrifice,” said Steve.

Bayly's War focuses on the Royal Navy's Coast of Ireland Command, and the role its men played in the Allied victory.

The sailors were in a fight for survival as German U-boats targeted trade in the Atlantic in an attempt to drive Britain to submission by blocking the supply of food and critical resources.

Steve's book includes firsthand accounts from sailors like Redditch's Raymond Victor John Jeffs, who 'did his bit' for the war effort aboard HMS Cullist.

Securing the Narrow Sea, Steve's earlier book, was shortlisted for the prestigious 2017 Mountbatten Maritime Award.

Bayly's War is available to buy on Amazon.