BROMSGROVE could take the lead in the battle against single-use plastics if district and county council’s ban such items in all of their buildings, according to a councillor.

Cllr Peter McDonald, who is Labour leader at Worcestershire County Council and a Bromsgrove district councillor, wants councils to phase out plastics by the end of the year.

He said: “Plastics are one of the greatest contributors to pollution and if we can show a lead as a local authority, many others may follow.

“Plastic take almost 1,000 years to completely biodegrade and this means that every plastic that has ever been made still exists in one form or another.

“This means that plastic can never be changed into another form other than plastic and the only way of getting rid of plastic is through incineration.

“We must stop this senseless production. It will cost this council little or nothing financially and lead the way in creating a better and cleaner environment."

Bromsgrove council say they are “already moving to cut disposable plastics from our buildings wherever practicable, and seeking viable alternatives”.

Guy Revans, head of environmental services, added: “We can do our bit, but of course we’re just a part of the picture and supporting firms and organisations who want to cut waste is where we can make a bigger difference.”

The county council said they are “actively speaking to partners” to reduce plastic use.

Councillor Tony Miller, cabinet member with responsibility for the environment, added: "There are numerous ways to reduce the reliance on single use plastics such as buying reusable plastic bottles, changing to reusable nappies instead of disposables and using cotton buds with paper stems instead of plastic.

"We are actively speaking to partners who run our canteens for example to see if there are any feasible solutions around plastic reduction and ways to encourage customers to recycle more of their waste."