SIX science labs, four maths classrooms and two toilet blocks at a Rubery school have been closed, after a burst tank flooded two floors and leaked water into the power and heating systems.

Waseley Hills High School has been partially closed this week, after a water tank in the maths and science block burst on Sunday afternoon.

Headteacher Alan Roll said: "We think it was caused by the severe weather.

"The ceiling has completely collapsed under the water tank, and this has caused the ceiling to collapse on the first floor, and water to run down the walls and cause the same thing to happen again on the ground floor.

"We've lost two large toilet blocks, the cafe, six science labs and four maths teaching rooms, so there isn't enough room for all students to be in.

"The water got into the power systems and heating vents so we've had to shut down power to the entire block. It's now a health and safety concern as there's no heating and no lighting."

Students from years 10, 11, 12 and 13 were still in school today (Tuesday), while building assessors worked to identify the extent of the damage caused, which Mr Roll described as 'extensive'.

"Our priority now is to keep students safe," he added. "We will do our best to continue the provision of education, particularly to key stage four and key stage five students, who have exams coming up in the summer.

"By the end of the week all students will have been in lessons at some point."

The school said parents will be contacted via email with further updates.