TWO officer cadets from Bromsgrove have celebrated their graduation in a pass off parade at the world-renowned Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Gregory Knowles, 23, and Alexander Albutt, 26, took part in the Sovereign's Parade in front of the chief of the general staff Sir Nick Carter this morning (Friday, April 13).

The milestone marks the end of 44 weeks of intensive military and academic training, adventurous training and sporting challenges.

Officer Cadet Knowles and Albutt's graduation gains the pair immediate leadership responsibilities within the British Army, where they will have career progression through the ranks.

Officer Cadet Knowles said: "Being part of an elite group of people that have graduated as British Army officers from Sandhurst makes me extremely proud.

"It’s one of the biggest challenges I have ever undertaken, but also one of the most rewarding.

"I cannot wait to be putting the leadership skills I’ve learned at Sandhurst to good use as part of my new regiment."

Second Lieutenant Albutt, who will be joining the Royal Logistics Crops, added: "I would recommend an officer career to anyone looking for an exciting job away from the mundane nine to five, wanting to develop unique and lasting bonds of friendship and hoping to belong to a cause that makes a positive difference in the world, especially if you want to move immediately into a leadership or management position.

The graduates' new responsibilities include leading a platoon of 30 soldiers, managing their skills and potential deployment on peacekeeping missions.

Major General Paul Nanson, of the Commandant Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, said: "Being an officer in the Army means supporting each of your soldiers and colleagues, sharing values and goals, and working together to achieve something that really matters.

"I look forward to seeing each of our new Officers realise their full potential as they embark on their careers with the Army.”

The Sovereign's Parade ended in traditional fashion, with the academy adjutant following the officer cadets up the sets through the grand entrance on his horse.

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