CAMPAIGN group Worcestershire for Europe visited Bromsgrove's high street at the weekend, handing out postcards for shoppers to write to their MP.

Residents with concerns over Brexit had the opportunity to write their own postcard, which will be sent to Sajid Javid's office at Westminster.

A spokesman for the group said: "We got a really warm welcome in Bromsgrove, even from those who disagree with our aim to remain in the EU.

"We were really moved by some of the messages written; showing that many people feel as angry as we do.

"A poll this week showed a majority support a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal, and our impression was that the people of Bromsgrove are now wanting a closer look at what exactly they have been sold.

"We look forward to coming to Bromsgrove again next month."

Messages written by shoppers included 'We want a vote on a final deal', 'The vote should be invalid because of its dishonesty' and 'Brexit is bad for young people'.

Mr Javid was unavailable for comment.