AN EMERGENCY advice forum is being held for Wythall residents affected by last month’s devastating flash floods.

Flash floods up to five feet high hit hundreds of homes in the area, which Conservative councillor Adam Kent believes could cost up to £10 million to fix.

Cllr Kent, and his Wythall colleague cllr Geoff Denaro, who is leader of Bromsgrove District Council, visited residents in the immediate aftermath of the floods, and will now provide help and assistance to residents at a forum on Friday, June 15.

Cllr Denaro said: "It has been a shocking two weeks and the effects of the flooding are going to be long-term.

“If residents need help, advice, or just a chat to a flooding or casework professional and a cup of tea, we will provide this.

"We've been out since the start and I would like to thank the emergency teams from the District and County council who have done sterling work.”

Homes may be looking at months of dehumidifiers to render them habitable again and local figures are keen to help ensure it does not happen again.

North Worcestershire Water Management have set up a dedicated dropbox,, to collate all images and videos of the flooding to help put a forward plan in place.

And cllr Kent and Denaro also want to hear from residents, and have invited multiple agencies to hear their views at the event at the Britannia Room on Silver Street, between 5pm and 7pm.

Cllr Adam Kent added: "We are talking about close to 200 families who have experienced an extremely traumatic incident and may have had to leave their home for temporary accommodation.

“This is a stressful experience that may also affect mental health and if you do feel that you are finding it overwhelming please don't delay getting in touch with the support team.”