A MUM at North Bromsgrove High School is urging parents to fight for their school, rather than against it, following the announcement that the headteacher will resign.

Bromsgrove mum Katherine Dunn has spoken out in support of the school, which has taught four of her children, and wants to promote a parent-school partnership.

She said: "Four of my children have gone to North Bromsgrove and they have all done very well in life.

"Parents do like to blame the school but we should be working with the school rather than against it.

"My daughter had a fair amount of anxiety starting school and the school supported her.

"The schools are in a terrible situation with cuts and that's the real problem here - it's the same with hospitals.

"If more parents wrote to MPs and the Local Authority, rather than complaining on Facebook, perhaps we could start to resolve these issues.

"Schools are a place of learning but they're expected to do so much. They're having to take on social work duties while at the same time their funding is being cut.

"As parents we need to be fighting for the school, rather than with the teachers."

An announcement on the school's website on Tuesday announced that headteacher Angelina Robin-Jones would not be in school for the next few weeks for 'personal and health reasons', and would not return next term.

The school is now awaiting the result of an Ofsted inspection, carried out on May 23 and 24.