A BROMSGROVE woman who battled through her own cancer scare is organising a fundraiser for a cancer charity to give something back.

Sarah Milburn, 45, of Aston Fields, has arranged for a group hair cut at LK Hair on New Road to donate hair to the Little Princess Trust, who provide real hair wigs to young people diagnosed with cancer.

She said: "Three or four years ago I found that I had early stage cervical cancer.

"I was very fortunate that it was found early before it became invasive.

"I took part in a similar hair cut before and we were invited to meet the recipients of our hair which was emotional.

"The wigs make a real difference to them, to their confidence, and their well-being."

Sarah is looking for around 10 participants to have their hair cut for free at LK Hair on August 10. A bucket collection for the charity will also be held.

Anyone interested can contact Sarah on princess@posterestante.co.uk.