THE headteacher of Colmers School and Sixth Form in Rednal has issued a 'stranger danger' warning to parents after a man asked a 13-year-old boy to get in his car.

The incident happened outside the school on Bristol Road South this morning (Monday, July 9).

West Midlands Police have launched an investigation and asked for anyone with information to get in touch.

In a letter issued to parents, headteacher Barry Doherty said: "At about 8:25am this morning, one of our students successfully dealt with a very unpleasant situation that has since been reported to the police for investigation.

"A man (described as white, bald, medium build, stubbled face) approached one of our students in a black Audi.

"He raised his voice at the student and instructed him to go towards his car.

"Wisely and courageously, our student completely ignored this man and reported the incident without any delay whatsoever.

"He is safely with his parents who will now work with the police in an attempt to make an arrest.

"Events such as these serve to remind us all of some basic rules to keep safe at all times. Wherever possible, walk in small groups. Never, ever, talk to strangers. Always ignore strangers who ask questions or tell you to do something.

"Sometimes a child’s respect for adults can lead them to ‘do as they are told’.

"Every child must always remember that a trustworthy adult would never demand to speak to a child they did not know or ask them to approach their car.

"When in doubt, always walk away and speak to a trusted adult without delay."

A police spokesman added: "The driver of the car asked the boy to get in the car. He refused to do so, and walked to a place of safety before reporting the incident.

"The boy did the right thing by telling the school and his parents about the incident and has clearly remembered the stranger danger messages given by family and the school."