SHOCKING dashcam footage shows the moment a child on a bike ploughs in front of a car on a busy 60mph road in Bromsgrove, narrowly avoiding a crash.

The clip shows two children crossing the A38 on their bikes at around 5pm on Sunday, August 5, before a third child pulls out in front of a car, which managed to stop just in time.

Driver Robert Allen, Group Commander for the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue, who recorded the clip, posted the video on Twitter to highlight the importance of road safety.

He wrote: "I wasn’t sure whether to post this but if it stops a child from being killed on the road it’s worth it.

"Today a child rode out in front of me, across the dual track, without looking.

"Thankful I was driving under the speed limit and reacted quickly."

He later added: "I saw the first kids so dropped back by 5mph to 49mph (it’s a 60), if I hadn’t I’d have hit him.

"He came straight out from behind the wall to the left. I’ve seen drivers on phones and doing way over speed limit through there, just imagine."