A FIRE chief who captured the moment a child cyclist ploughed out in front of his car - narrowly avoiding an accident - has met with the child and his mum.

Robert Allen, Group Commander for the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue, posted a video from his dashcam camera on Twitter on Sunday, August 5.

The clip shows two children crossing the A38 on their bikes, before a third child pulls out in front of his car, which Robert managed to stop just in time.

Mr Allen posted the video to highlight the importance of road safety and, after his video went viral, the child involved and his mum made contact.

He said: "Last night I met with the young lad and his mum, very positive conversation followed.

"Safety always the reason for posting, lessons for drivers and children alike."

He added: "There is no intention to name and shame the boy – just to use the incident as a warning that a moment of concentration can ensure an incident-free summer holiday.

"It's currently perfect summer holiday weather for kids to be enjoying being out an about on their bikes, but I shared this video to reinforce the messages about staying safe and being vigilant while cycling on main roads, and also wearing a cycling helmet."