MEMBERS of a Bromsgrove walking group had to show they weren’t sheepish when they stumbled on a distressed lamb that needed rescuing.

The Mercian Nordic Walking group had been on a walk near Grafton Manor on Friday, August 3, at around midday, when they saw a lamb wedged in the wheels of a trailer.

Member Janet Church said: “We saw a big group of sheep in the full sun and one was wedged between the two wheels of a trailer as it was trying to shelter.

“It could not move back or forwards.

“We were trying to rescue him as a group first of all but it was a case of too many cooks spoil a broth and it was getting more and more distressed.

“So in the end my two colleagues managed to encourage it to wriggle free. We come across all sorts on our walks but we’ve not been involved in a rescue before!”