ROAD rage killer Tracie Andrews will feature in a new documentary airing on CBS Reality later this month.

The documentary, “Evidence of Evil: The Road Rage Killer”, examines how advances in technology have revolutionised detective work, as seen through a number of high profile cases - such as Tracie Andrews.

Each episode comprises key witness testimonies, interviews, reconstructions and archive footage.

When police were called to the scene of a stabbing at the side of a country road near the Marlbrook pub in Bromsgrove on the night of December 1 1996, they immediately embarked on a hunt for two men they believed to have stabbed the victim, 24-year-old Lee Harvey.

According to Lee’s girlfriend, Tracie Andrews, who was living at The Becks in Alvechurch, the men had stabbed him following a high-speed game of cat and mouse.

She even appeared on television with Mr Harvey’s mother Maureen making an emotional appeal for help to catch the killer.

However, within days, detectives suspected the killer was closer to the victim than anyone had at first thought, and that all was not what it seemed.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Lee and Tracie’s relationship was a volatile one and that the two were frequently seen arguing, even turning to violence on occasion.

Forensic examination also revealed inconsistencies in Tracie’s testimony about what happened on the night of the alleged attack.

The spotlight soon turned to Tracie, and, despite the absence of a murder weapon, police were able to charge and eventually convict her for the murder of her boyfriend.

Andrews was convicted of murder in July 1997 by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court.

In the episode, senior investigating officer Ian Johnston, who led the case, takes the viewer through the whole story of the murder and the subsequent events surrounding the investigation. Other contributors include reporters and a criminologist.

“Evidence of Evil: The Road Rage Killer” is on CBS Reality on Wednesday, September 12 at 10pm.