A COUNCILLOR has demanded action to rid Rubery of ‘laughing gas’ after canisters were found on streets and footpaths.

Cllr Peter McDonald said he has been alerted to nitrous oxide canisters on a footpath between Callowbrook Road and New Road by concerned residents.

The dangerous substance causes dizziness and can lead to unconsciousness or death as it removes oxygen from lungs, but it has been difficult to control under criminal law.

While it is illegal to supply or import the drug for human consumption, it can be purchased and used for medical reasons.

Cllr McDonald wants Worcestershire Trading Standards to ensure there are tighter regulations in place to ensure the drug is not sold for recreational use.

He said: “I have seen quite a few of them down the footpath. They are always littered on the floor.

“I have seen them on a number of streets and it is not unusual to see them now.

“More action is required by Trading Standards to stop the purchase of nitrous oxide to young people.

“Therefore, I am calling upon Worcestershire County Council at its full council meeting on September 13 to support my motion calling upon Trading Standards to take whatever action is necessary to rid our streets of this hippy crack.”

Trading Standards are unable to comment on the issue before it is discussed in council, but Bromsgrove police say they are aware of the danger and taking measures.

Sergeant David King added: “The team are aware and are going to up patrols in this specific location and monitor the issue. We will also be speaking with Trading Standards.

“We would just like to raise the awareness of laughing gas and the dangers and health implications of using it.”