A DOG from Bromsgrove will be following the yellow brick road all the way to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre this winter for its Christmas production of The Wizard of Oz.

'Cavapoo' Lulu, who lives in Stoke Heath with her owner Laura Webb, is one of three dogs set to play the role of Dorothy's trusty sidekick when the legendary tale takes to the Rep stage this November.

The 17-month-old cavalier-poodle-cross fought of 'ruff' competition from nearly 50 dogs in two rounds of auditions, with rehearsals expected to get underway next month.

Proud owner Laura, aged 60, said: "I was so thrilled when I got the call last week to say Lulu had got the part.

"She's nine kilos so I thought she might be too big to play Toto - and she didn't want to sit in the basket in her audition.

"But she's such a good dog and they fell in love with her. She hasn't had any training whatsoever so I'm so proud of her for doing so well."

Lulu will be performing in front of audiences of around 800 people in select shows between November 24 and January 13.

Madeleine Kludje, assistant director of The Rep's Wizard of Oz, said: "We were impressed with all the dogs we auditioned for Toto and are delighted to have found three adorable pooches that are good natured and obedient to take centre stage in The Wizard of Oz this Christmas - Lulu, Rio and Teddy.”

Based on the classic motion picture, The Wizard of Oz will follow farm girl Dorothy Gale as she sets off on an adventure to find her way back home.

Visit birmingham-rep.co.uk for more information and tickets.