PROVISIONAL results for the county’s primary schools in SATs show the overall performance was below the national average.

The Department for Education has released the marks pupils needed to achieve the government’s ‘expected’ score for the 2018 tests.

To meet government expectations, pupils must achieve 100 in their average scaled scores at the end of key stage 2.

However, this equates to different marks for each test.

The scaled score for maths is 104 and for reading is 105, while grammar, punctuation and spelling is 106.

The percentage of students in Worcestershire achieving the expected standard overall in reading, writing and mathematics was 61 per cent, with a higher expected standard of eight per cent.

These figures were lower than the national average, 64 per cent, while 10 per cent of schools in England achieved a higher standard.

Throughout England, 75 per cent of schools met the expected standard in reading, 78 per cent in grammar, punctuation and spelling, and 76 per cent in mathematics.

However, the scores in Worcestershire schools dropped.

In reading, students fell under the average with 73 per cent, while in grammar, punctuation and spelling the average was 73 percent, and in mathematics the percentage locally was 72.

The average scaled score in the county for reading is 105, while for grammar, punctuation and spelling it’s 105, and mathematics is 103.