STUDENTS from three Bromsgrove schools got together to celebrate the European Day of Languages.

The event was led by South Bromsgrove Sixth Form language ambassadors, who gave students from Aston Fields and St John's Middle Schools taster sessions in French, Spanish and German.

Participants played Guess Who? with famous faces, and worked as a group to place key cities and tourist destinations on the map.

They also had a chance to practice their new language skills through fun activities, word searches and quizzes.

Helene Rogers, head of languages at South, said: "We were delighted to have so many students interested in languages and taking part in our cultural celebrations.

"The European Day of Languages celebrates the 6,000 plus languages spoken around the world and is aimed to promote language learning in a fun way.

"The sessions were a great success and our Language Ambassadors enjoyed sharing their enthusiasm for their chosen languages.”