BROMSGROVE District Council will look at excluding cars from outside schools during peak times in an effort to ensure children's safety.

Cabinet members resolved on Wednesday to contact Solihull Borough Council, which piloted the scheme, to investigate trialling a similar programme in response to a rise in complaints of dangerous parking and speeding outside schools.

A radical report with potential solutions to the 'serious and worsening problem with safety outside schools' was presented to members, claiming there continued to be near misses and dangerous incidents across the district.

Members agreed to make advice on parking services more prominent on the council's website, to investigate the use of mobile CCTV vehicles, and to discuss a joint campaign with the county council and local police.

Cllr Chris Bloore, who chaired the task group behind the report, said: "There are some bold suggestions within the report and I am hopeful that cabinet members will agree to further investigation into the proposals.

"We can't continue as we are with poor parking, unenforceable road markings and dangerous speeding in and around our schools.

"We need to be encouraging those that can to walk to school and we can only do that by giving parents the confidence to do so.

"That means tackling safety - which this report gives proposals on how to do."

The task group's investigation uncovered a range of problems regarding parking outside schools, including parents leaving their engines running on double yellow lines as they dropped their children off.

Councillors shared concerns over 'major problems' around schools in Alvechurch, and poor attitudes from some parents found to be parking inappropriately.

The traffic regulation order piloted by Solihull Council prohibits any motor vehicle without a permit of valid exemption from using specified streets around three schools. Anyone caught driving through restricted zones could be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Schools reported seeing an increase in pupils walking to school and a reduction in late attendance as a result.