BROMSGROVE residents are being urged to stay safe while out partying at this time of year.

The message comes from police who say the festive period is traditionally the busiest time of the year for going out and unfortunately, there are those who exploit the festive period for the wrong reasons.

A spokesman said: "With the festive season, many people will be out celebrating in pubs and clubs and their Christmas nights out so we want to provide you with some key information to help you stay safe.

"Make sure to stay with friends, stick to your plans, have travel arranged and be careful of what you drink. Don't leave drinks unattended and stay away from drugs, new psychoactive substances or other controlled substances.

They added: "Make sure you consider how you are getting home in advance. Don't use unlicensed taxis."

The police also urged people to be careful while out Christmas shopping saying busy places make it easier for thieves.