PATIENTS undergoing urology procedures at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch are benefitting from faster, more efficient treatment thanks to a new piece of camera equipment - generously funded by the League of Friends.

The £9,995 ‘Lithoview Workstation’, used in hysteroscopy and colposcopy procedures, provides high resolution digital images, and is used by urologists for kidney and ureter procedures.

This state of the art equipment allows urologists to perform new complex procedures for the first time.

Because of the significantly improved vision with the workstation, cancer can be detected more easily and more complex and large stone work can be performed more safely and accurately.

It is hoped patients will benefit from having better cancer detection.

Consultant urologist, Vincent Koo said: "We are proud to state that here in Worcestershire; we are one of the few centres that deal with large complex stone work endoscopically in the region."