REDEVELOPMENT plans have been announced for the old council house site on Burcot Lane.

The plans, which were approved at Bromsgrove District Council's meeting on November 21, said development of the site will create much needed homes for the area.

Bromsgrove District Council’ portfolio holder, Cllr Karen May, said: “In 2017 we agreed a new set of priorities that places economic growth at the centre of everything we are doing.

“If we seize the emerging economic opportunities for the benefit of Bromsgrove’s population, this can make Bromsgrove a better place to work as well as an excellent place to live.”

In the district, the current population is made up of 18 per cent of people aged under 16 with 25 per cent of residents over 64. However, the number of people leaving the area aged between 30-39 are said to be increasing due to rising property costs.

Cllr May added: “We have a choice. New opportunities are coming for Bromsgrove as the population changes.

“We must provide more housing and jobs if we want a future for our district.

“We can provide this, we have a plan for Bromsgrove.”

The council is also working towards providing new business space for Bromsgrove, aimed at boosting footfall for the shops and market.

As well as housing and business development being high on the agenda, they also announced plans to work directly with landowner and developer Langtree, to agree direct investment from the council to complete the final part of project.

Start up businesses will be offered advice, funding and practical support as part of developments to their business support programme for Bromsgrove town centre.

The council is also looking at Bromsgrove Enterprise Park to provide more business space for the district.

An independent report, the Peter Brett report, identified the need for new sites as a way of ensuring future businesses remain in Bromsgrove.

It is also conducting a full town centre survey in January 2019 regarding business improvement.

Employment opportunities for the area were also discussed with the council encouraging employers to work with skills and career programmes in partnership with the Economic Theme Group, LEPs, colleges and training providers when developments begin.

It is also working with the Careers Enterprise Council, ensuring schools in Bromsgrove have every opportunity to participate in the programmes and work with employers in the district.