AFTER years of campaigning plans are finally being put in place to cut the speed limit on a busy lane near a school and nursery in Dodford.

Plans to cut the speed limit on the busy Fockbury Road, which is used by children and families from Dodford First School and Dodford Nursery, from 60mph to 30mph, have been mooted.

At a recent Dodford with Grafton Parish Council meeting it was announced that along with Worcestershire County Council, the parish would look at reducing the speed limit.

A spokesperson for the parish council said: “Dodford with Grafton Parish Council, county councillor Shirley Webb and Worcestershire County Council are working together to reduce the speed limit around the school and nursery.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council added: "The county council is progressing with plans to introduce a 30mph speed limit in the vicinity of Dodford First School and Dodford Nursery.

“We are also progressing plans for yellow lines along Fockbury Road."

The Advertiser reported earlier this year that children from Dodford First School joined a national road safety campaign, urging drivers to beware of them on narrow country lanes.

The school took part in an event with pupils holding handmade signs along Fockbury Road, urging drivers to kill their speed.

The aim was to make the road safer for local children.

At the time headteacher Lisa Parkes said: "The school council displayed posters on the lanes surrounding the school asking drivers to slow down and be mindful of children using the narrow footpaths.

Dave Nichols, community engagement manager for Brake, also said it is every child’s right to be able to walk in their community without fear of traffic.

He said: "Many kids are unable to do so because they don’t have access to simple measures such as footpaths, cycle paths and safe places to cross.

“Many more have to contend with fast traffic and pollution from vehicle emissions.”

Residents in the area will be consulted before the changes take place.

National speed compliance statistics for 2017 revealed single carriageway roads, like Fockbury Road, had nine percent of cars exceeding the speed limit.