THE meeting of Anti-Brexit campaigners on the Herefordshire Beacon, has sparked an online debate about the future of Brexit, amongst Bromsgrove's residents.

The event was arranged by Worcestershire for Europe and they welcomed in the new year with a ceremonial walk and flag.

Worcestershire for Europe group chair, Stuart Thomson, said: “We held our now traditional gathering at the top of the Herefordshire Beacon.

"The event was even bigger this year due to growing support to remain part of the European Union and to stop the badly lead, mismanaged failure that is Brexit.

"It was great to have our friends from Malvern, Ledbury, Hereford and Bromsgrove with us today.

"The European Union stands for peace and friendship between like-minded nations and there is no better time to celebrate that than at New Year.

"We now have a busy few weeks ahead ensuring our MPs deliver on the will of the people as it stands in 2019, and that is to have a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal, with an option to remain."

Readers on Facebook have come out to comment on the event, which was held on New Years Day, both supporting and arguing against the UK's impending exit from the European Union.

Nicole Harris said: "As a French person I came over here because I loved England not because I needed money and never had a day off work or used benefits .

"It used to be a fun country, very tolerant and a lot more fun than my own. I had a great time here loved the people and made so many friends.

"I will never take British nationality as I am French and European, I can’t understand all this anger especially in Bromsgrove.

"How many Europeans do you have here? The EU is not perfect but what is? And you can’t change anything by leaving it.

"This country is going to become isolated and not a team player any longer. Please open your eyes life is too short."

Gina Francis said: "Out means out."

Another commenter, Nick Arkell, appeared to be in favour of Brexit.

He said: "Total idiots, get a life. The sort that cry and scream and throw their toys out of the pram when they don't get their way.

"EU, dictatorship, bullies, mafia set up, pro big banks and big business, against the people, buys loyalty, falling to bits, look at France and other countries now rebelling.

"I actually feel sorry for these remainer idiots, totally brainwashed and utterly clueless, hoodwinked by the media. Wake up idiots."