THERE are growing fears surrounding possible future funding cuts, which has provided a lifeline to stroke survivors and their carers across Worcestershire for three years.

The Stroke Association received a letter stating, as part of a Worcestershire County Council funding review, its £89,000-a-year contract was facing the axe.

The service is jointly paid for by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the county council and the loss of half the cash could have an unprecedented effect on post-stroke care in Worcestershire, the service is the only Life after Stroke centre in the UK.

The cash, which goes towards personal carers, is seen as the best possible ‘value for money’ and providing it from private or independent care companies would cost the local authority a lot more.

Nathan Oswin, local campaigns officer at the Stroke Association said: “Losing the service would be a disaster for stroke survivors and their families throughout Worcestershire.

"Our team use their decades of experience supporting stroke survivors, to provide the best care and offer real value to the taxpayers of Worcestershire.

"The Life After Stroke Centre in Bromsgrove alone is a one of a kind centre, which stroke survivors, their families and their carers depend on for respite, support and social activities - this is vital for their recovery.

"We will continue to highlight the serious concerns of stroke survivors and their carers to Worcestershire County Council and make sure that we are representing those in the area who depend on the Stroke Association."

A County Council spokesperson said: "In 2016, the Stroke Association were commissioned to provide practical and emotional support service to carers of stroke survivors.

"A decision about how carers of stroke survivors will be supported after March 31, 2019 is still to be made and the County Council is in discussions with the Stroke Association and the Worcestershire Association of Carers (WAC)."

There are around 100,000 reported strokes in the UK, every year with 1.2 million people living with the after effects it can bring.

For more information, visit or call The Stroke Helpline on 0303 303 3100.