CONCERNED councillors from Bromsgrove are asking for an increase in police protection for residents in Charford and Rock Hill.

Councillors Michael Thompson, Chris Bloore and Sean Shannon have formally written to Sgt David King of West Mercia police, asking to see more officers on the streets.

The move follows an increase crime and anti-social behaviour in the area, which they say includes boy racers, vandalism, and used condoms being thrown in to people's gardens.

Michael Thompson, district councillor for Rock Hill and candidate for Charford Ward, said that if ignored these issues are "very likely" to escalate creating worse problems in the future.

"Most recently, residents have brought to our attention the frequency with which young gangs have been gathering in the alleyway that links Housman Close and Rock Hill," he said.

"The boundaries of the houses adjacent to the alleyway have been damaged, items (including livestock) have been stolen from gardens and used contraception has been thrown into residents’ gardens."

He added: "Our concerns are also for those who use this path. This is a pathway used by the elderly and young school children.

"We are writing to ask if the police can have an increased presence in this area for a period of weeks.

"There is a strong chance that we can eliminate this problem before it grows into something more serious."

They added they are aware of the pressures the police are under due to cuts in frontline services and remain supportive of the force.