PLAYERS from Bromsgrove Hockey Club are set to take part in an action-packed day of fundraising organised by national charity Hockey For Heroes.

Women from the club have accepted the challenge set by the H4H ladies' team to face them in a charity exhibition match at RGS Worcester The Grange this Sunday.

Bromsgrove’s squad will be made up of players from across their five ladies' teams, which currently play in the Worcestershire Women’s Hockey League Divisions 1 and 2.

The opposition squad, put together by the Hockey for Heroes charity, includes star players from up and down the country, which in the past has included a member of Scotland’s Commonwealth squad Nikki Alexander-Lloyd.

Dawn Tomlinson, captain of Bromsgrove Ladies third, said: “Bromsgrove as a club have been avid supporters of the Hockey for Heroes since their inception in 2012. We were notified that another opposition had dropped out just last week, and we felt it our duty to step up to the challenge posed by H4H members on Facebook.

“Despite the H4H squad possessing much more advanced players than ours, Bromsgrove as a club is extremely high-spirited and could not shy from the opportunity to share the field with such an awe-inspiring range of players from H4H and hope to help make the day a success.”

H4H CEO Joel Forrester added: “We were very pleased with the response from Bromsgrove to help make the charity fundraising day even more action-packed for audiences. Our H4H Men’s Squad previously faced Bromsgrove Men’s 1st XI in 2014 so it’s serendipity to have our ladies side face them five years on.”

Hockey for Heroes is a national charity organisation that set out to raise funds for Help the Heroes, by completing demanding challenges both on and off the hockey field. The H4H ladies will also go up against two other teams on Sunday, including sides from Stourport as well as Olton and West Warwick Hockey clubs.

Games will kick off at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm (vs Bromsgrove). For more details follow the action on the H4H Facebook page.