COUNCILLOR Dr Michael Thompson has said if Labour are elected in May the group will build a new sports hall for the town.

The Labour leader and candidate for Charford made the statement, despite admitting "it is typical that parties make promises to get votes".

He said though he is certain he can fulfill the bold promise.

"Sadly, because of the reputation of politics, residents are sceptical when it comes to these promises," said cllr Thompson.

"We have, of course, been asked by the people how we intend to pay for it. This is understandable.

“Much of what we promise, such as bringing the leisure centre under council control or building a sports hall, will bring in money rather than cost.

"Why do private industries want to run these services if not to make money? – I think that profit should go back into the pockets of the tax payers, not into the hands of people outside of the district.”

He added: “There are so many ways to save money for our people which we will do if we are elected such as restructuring the senior management of the council to a realistic and affordable level (it costs us £1m a year).

"Abolishing our shared service programme with Redditch, where our taxes are subsidising services in Redditch as well as our own.

"Making immediate and better commercial use of our assets (the disused old Burcot Lane council house, for example, is still costing over £100,000 a year to keep).”

Bromsgrove Council clung on to an unsigned agreement with Bromsgrove North High School, that users of the sports hall could use their facility.

The deal has subsequently fallen through on the grounds that the school needed the sports hall for their own sports requirements and exams.

For a brief moment, a refurbishment of the old sports hall was considered but, after considering quotes, the council decided to continue with the demolition.

Cllr Thompson said: "The community groups and businesses that used the sports hall have either been displaced or disbanded – some paying business rates to other towns.

"Whichever way you look at it, this decision has damaged the economy, and physical and mental wellbeing moral the town."

He added: "But there is hope. In May 2019 the people of Bromsgrove have a chance to vote in a contemporary and forward thinking council.

"A new Labour Party administration that sees beyond the Tory myth of 'spend or cut'. We do not believe in giveaways. We believe in investment that will bring economical prosperity to the town and better the wellbeing, heath and happiness of people in the town."