CLOTHES left in Bromsgrove High Street intended for homeless people during the recent freezing weather were collected by Bromsgrove Council and destroyed.

The spectacular blunder has left the group who organised the event, to help the town's homeless and vulnerable, unsure if they will do it again.

The event was hosted by Worcestershire Homeless Appeal and saw people handing out gloves, hats, scarves, sleeping bags, and coats, to anyone who needed them.

Lampposts were also adorned with scarves, hats and gloves with the clear message "I Am Not Lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take this to keep Warm”.

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

A spokesman said the event was to symbolise solidarity, as well as being an accessible source of warmth for people finding themselves in need.

They said: "This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that; we care, we are aware and ultimately are proud to keep Bromsgrove warm."

However, the clothes left out didn't reach their intended new owners and were instead swept up by Bromsgrove Council.

A spokesman from the group said that every single item of clothing left out was taken by the council.

Bromsgrove Advertiser:

"We have conflicting reports of Bromsgrove Council replies," a group spokesman admitted.

"One reported the council as saying that all the clothes would be sent to the Hub and given to the community. Another reported the council as confirming that the clothes ‘are not retrievable’."

They added: "There are post plans to do one next year (if people will bother to donate after the council’s mistake).

"Instead, at the moment, we are thinking about starting a community pantry with fresh food donated from supermarkets for the whole community of Bromsgrove."

A spokesman from Bromsgrove Council confirmed the clothes "are not retrievable".

They said: "We would like to apologise as our employee did not know that the clothing was part of this wonderful campaign which this council has been vocal in supporting.

“While not ideal it was purely accidental and we have further raised awareness of this campaign with all of our place team to ensure this does not happen again.

“Once again we would like to say sorry and we will continue to support this initiative.”

Worcestershire Homeless Appeal is now appealing for a place that it can use for free, once a week for an afternoon, to hold a community pantry. Anyone who can help or who wants more information can search for the group on Facebook.