RESIDENTS in Rubery are in danger of being seriously injured to the poor state of local roads, says one Bromsgrove councillor.

Councillor Peter McDonald has called for immediate action over the "terrible state" of neglected roads in Rubery.

He said it is only a matter of time before cars are damaged and there is a serious accident.

"Roads in Rubery are in a terrible state all because of the neglect shown to Rubery by the Tory controlled County Council," he said.

"Some roads are in such a bad state they are completely shot with no tarmac just down to the original soil.

"The fact is our roads are going to rack and ruin while at the same time council tax continues to rise and standards continue to fall.

"Rubery residents are being ripped off and monies raised in Rubery are going elsewhere."

Cllr McDonald added: "I have called for immediate action regarding Hillview Road, Barrington Road, and Woodlands Road, in Rubery before cars are seriously damaged and there is a serious accident.”